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Before you begin to add new clients to your Reseller Package, please take some time to read through the introduction and help files located on the main login page. Look for the link located under "Documentation" that says "Reseller Administrator Online Help". This will give you an EXTENSIVE overview of what you have access to and how to use it.

Also, when you are logged into your control panel, at the bottom of the "System Menu" you can click on the help link and have access to your detailed help files.

Login link: http://login.hostedincanada.com/

As you add new hosting clients to your reseller package, you may need to provide them with information about the server. Here is a sample of the information that we commonly send to hosting clients, which you can customize to suit your own needs.

As you add new domains to your reseller account, DNS records will need to be created. When you need DNS records added, log in to the support area and submit a ticket requesting DNS records be created.

If you would like your own Vanity name servers, we charge $149/year, contact sales@hostedincanada.com for more information. With this service we will give you 3 IPs to use to create 3 vanity name server names. This will give your company better recognition and product branding by having your name in the WHOIS on each domain you host, instead of our name server names.

The IPs that we provide are on fully redundant networks. These name servers will work exactly like our normal name servers but you will have your name attached to them.

Thank you again, and if you have any questions or concerns please visit our support pages, or give us a call!


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