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Thank you for your order!

This message contains all the information necessary to have your Website & email up and running in no time. We realize this information may seem quite cryptic to some, but we encourage you to read it through in its entirety.


Please contact the company you registered your domain name through to have your DNS (Domain Server
Settings) settings changed to the following:

Primary DNS ns1.hostedincanada.com /
Secondary DNS ns2.hostedincanada.com /

NOTE: If you purchased your Domain Name through HostedinCanada.com, your DNS settings will be arranged by our technical department.


You can log into your website CONTROL PANEL in two ways:

   A. As the main web site "Site Administrator" go to http://login.hostedincanada.com. You will enter your domain name, without the www and your password to enter the control panel. This information can be found on your order confirmation email.

From this panel you will be able to create e-mail accounts, and monitor and manage your website.
   B. Also, for individual email users on your account you can send them to the same location: http://login.hostedincanada.com. They then enter there email address and password.

Here your individual email users can reset their email passwords, adjust spam settings, set-up vacation and auto responders and more.


All emails that go through HostedInCanada.com/HostedInAmerica.com system (that is, all emails sent and received through your account) are screened for viruses. Also, all emails are checked for spam content. Each individual user will need to login to there personal email accounts to configure and set the level of Spam Protection desired.


Your account is pre-configured to work as POP3 and IMAP. We suggest using your domain name accounts (i.e. steve@hostedincanada.com) as our system provides full Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam protection. In order to use your POP3 accounts, you need to set-up your e-mail client (Netscape, Eudora, Pegasus, Outlook, etc.) to send and retrieve your mail. This is done by configuring the following fields in your email software:

  Incoming mail server settings:   mail.yourdomain.com
  Outgoing SMTP to:   mail.yourdomain.com
  USERNAME format: user@yourdomain.com

Check the 'my outgoing server requires authentication' box.

WEBMAIL - Your email is fully accessible from anywhere in the world using a standard browser by visiting http://webmail.hostedincanada.com

* Note: Your e-mail will not function until your domain name is registered with a registrar and your DNS, or Domain Server settings have resolved over to the new

ns1.hostedincanada.com and ns2.hostedincanada.com) settings. (See #1 above)


If you do not already have an FTP program, we recommend using a simple and FREE program called FileZilla to upload files to your website. To download a current and FREE copy of this program visit: http://filezilla-project.org/download.php.

Secure FTP Settings:

  Profile name:   www.yourdomain.com
  Host Name/Address:  ftp.yourdomain.com
  Logon Type: Normal
  Server Type: Sftp - SSH File Transfer Protocol
  User ID:  xxxxx (See Welcome Email)
  PASSWORD: XXXXXX (See welcome email)

As a site administrator, you have the privilege to publish the site home page. Once you have created a home page (usually called index.htm, index.html or index.php) and you want to post it to the Internet, you can upload it into your root directory.

Once connected with your sFTP client, go to the folder called /httpdocs/.  This is where you upload your website to.

TIP: Be certain the name of the file for your new home page is: index.htm,  index.html or index.php.


If your site has been enabled to do so, you can use Microsoft FrontPage to replace or edit your website.  FrontPage extensions are NOT enabled by default. You must request this using our support ticket system.

A site created with FrontPage should NOT be uploaded through FTP or some of the Microsoft FrontPage (WebBot) features will not work.

Please be aware that FrontPage maintains index and configuration files on the remote site. If you add web pages to the site with FTP, the changes may not be recorded, and FrontPage may begin to function abnormally thereafter.  It is recommended that you use only FrontPage to modify a FrontPage site.  Currently we do not offer support for FrontPage 2000, and versions 2002 and 2003 will not be supported as of Jan 1st, 2009.

Also, you may see a bunch of odd files and directories in your account. DO NOT delete them. If you log in to your site with plain FTP and find some directories (for example, _vti* ) and files (for example, .htaccess ) that you did not upload, do not delete them. They belong there, and you will damage the FrontPage extensions if you remove them.

If you have any questions or concerns please visit our support pages.


For more information, please call our toll free number at


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