What is and where can I get domain name registration in Canada?

Domain name registration in Canada with HostedinCanada.com is the process of reserving a name on the Internet, usually one year but with most domains, you can register up to 10 years. Keep in mind that once you register a domain it will remain yours for as long as you renew it and there is no way to purchase a domain name forever.

Domain name registration is required for a website, an email or another web service(s). Also, you don’t have to always register a new domain name. Many companies allow you to use subdomains of their domain names for a website, or you can have an email with their primary domain (ex. yahoo.com, gmail.com, telus.com).

One of the key features of a domain name is that it gives you personality and a recognized identity. Once you register a domain name, the information about its owner is publicly available, but most domain registrations companies now offer the ability to hide this information for a fee.

The price for a domain name registration varies greatly on its extension and with over 1000 TLD’s (Top Level Domains) available you have lots to choose from.  A sample and most common is .com, one of the most affordable ones.  Also, you can reserve country-specific, like .ca for Canada.  But they are usually a little more expensive.

If you’d like to register a domain name with HostedinCanada.com, please go here and do a search.

For detailed information about domain name prices and how to get one FREE for LIFE, please contact our Customer Care via phone or chat.

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