Benefits of Canadian WordPress Hosting for Small Business

Benefits of WordPress Hosting for Canadian Small Business

WordPress Hosting is the ideal solution for Small Business in Canada.  It can provide great performance and is highly flexible if you have the right Web Hosting Company in Canada like   Quality WordPress hosting provides a wide range of management features, which makes it very easy for website owners to manage and maintain the website without having to allocate additional resources. In this article, we’ll talk about the benefits of Canadian WordPress Hosting.

  1. Performance

WordPress Hosting for your Canadian business website ensures that the hardware, firmware, and software configuration is compatible with each other so that it runs efficiently. If you want a system that is compatible with your business needs, ensure that you opt for the best hosting service to prevent yourself from running into any performance issue and down time. If you don’t choose a reputable hosting company with guarantees, your hosted website may crash or temporarily be out of service if the system does not function properly. This can have serious implications on the website’s authority and visitor experience.  Look for quality which can cost a few pennies more, but it’s worth it.

  1. WordPress is Pre-Installed

One of the best thing about using a quality hosting company with WordPress, is the amazing tools for installing and working with WordPress. offers quick easy installation tools that allow you to get WordPress pre-installed in your system. No need to waste your time, just purchase the plan and begin developing the website.

  1. WordPress Updates

WordPress also allow you to set up automatic updates.  Depending on the theme and plugins you install, this can be a great feature.  Overall, allow the CORE files of WordPress to automatically update comes with a bunch of benefits, including improvements and bug fixes. This feature ensures that you are working with the latest updates like the latest designs and features. However, sometimes you might notice that your website is not compatible with the latest updates.  Again, picking a quality web hosting company in Canada will save you time, money and frustration if this happens.  HostedinCanada takes daily backups and even offers update services and security plugins for free.

  1. Cloud-Based Hosting

Another great advantage of WordPress hosting is Cloud-based Hosting.  Not having to worry about your own server, and leaving server management to the professionals is always a great idea.  Quality hosting providers also include scalability at the click of a button and a high level of reliability because there is no single point of failure.

  1. Great Security and Backup

Another feature of quality WordPress hosting companies is the option to include premium website security and backup tools.  SiteLock regularly monitors the website for malware and security threats and notifies you to take necessary action for a VERY small fee. offer SiteLock Detect and Monitor for only $35/yr CAD.  In addition, you can get WordFence for FREE including a FREE SSL certificate on the WordPress Enhanced Program.  Check it out here!

  1. Pre-installed Jetpack Plugin

Any task or functionality for your website can be made possible with plugins. WordPress hosting services come with certain essential plugins such as Jetpack plugin. Jetpack plugin is used for a variety of functions like provisioning of WordPress themes, marketing services such as analytics, automated social media, and SEO tools, lazy loading, Payment gateway integrations, and high-end security for your website.

  1. Managed Services

WordPress hosting includes managed services, which means a WordPress Hosting team takes care of dealing with all your website maintenance tasks. Without managed services, the website owner is responsible for taking care of the WordPress maintenance, security and updates…which requires resources. Managed services include a wide range of activities, like the scalability of hosting resources such as CPU, RAM, and storage space. With time your website will grow, and you would need more hosting resources to handle the incoming traffic load. This can be easily done by the managed team of hosting service without you having to worry about the specifics.

Summing Up

Managed Canadian WordPress hosting provides a lot of perks that unmanaged service can’t provide. For example, managed service gives you access to Staff who can setup one-click staging website functionality and ENHANCED daily backups. Plus, the support provided is high-quality too.  (Check out’s amazing reviews below.)  In a nutshell, this article enlightened you of the advantages of WordPress Hosting for your business in Canada, with a Canadian WordPress Hosting company. With you get access to expert level WordPress support, day-to-day website maintenance options.  Contact us today or visit our website for more details.

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