Covid-19 Business update for Canadians and there Companies

IF YOUR A BUSINESS PERSON (even if not)…read the first part, it talks about Covid 19 and the next few months. VERY interesting. If you’re affected by the USA and let’s be honest we all are…keep reading. A prosperous neighbour (USA) means a prosperous Canada…if Trudeau doesn’t screw it up. 🙈🙉🙊

Article From Peter Zeihan

Today, I’m not going to go through all the country-by-country details of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. My team and I are working diligently – franticly – to assimilate a huge amount of ever-changing information. As soon as we have some preliminary conclusions, we will share them. But for now we just don’t have enough hard data.

That will change soon.

This coming week (March 23-28) the South Koreans will be in the fifth week of their epidemic. To be blunt it is what I’ve been waiting for. The “typical” coronavirus experience for someone who requires hospitalization and survives is about 25 days end-to-end; five weeks is about what we need to get some good data.

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