Data Center Services In Canada

1/2 Rack, Full Rack(s) or Suites. We also offer 1U, 2U, 4U..any U Shared HSE "High Security Enviroment"
with secure 24x7 escorted access

Solid, lock-tight secure, robust connectivity and featuring 100% SLA, our mission-critical Data Centre in the heart of downtown Calgary features scalable services at its best.


Colocation hosting server is a serious undertaking, with lasting consequences to your business. Choosing a partner that can provide an Enterprise Environment that can adapt to your needs is crucial. We are a truly Canadian company…located in Calgary Alberta Canada and managed by Canadians.

Why choose us as your Data Center Colocation Services provider?

Power Supply
IP Backbone
1U, 2U or 4U
Space Available
Plus full & half
rack options
cheapest web hosting provider
24/7 Access
Precision Controlled
99.99% Uptime
and Reliable
Fire Suppression
Suite Options
Full UPS
and HVAC Redundancy


335-8th Avenue SW

  • 100% Uptime Guarantee.
  • Data Centre Size: 12,000 feet of whitespaces, including cabinets
  • Fibre Connectivity: Multiple Carriers
  • Power and Cooling: N+1 with continuous monitoring
  • Raised Floor: Yes
  • Fire Protection: Pre-action fire suppression system
  • Climate Control: Redundant HVAC capacity
  • Security: 24/7 manned professional security with biometrics
  • Technical Support: 24/7 manned on-call technical support

Our Calgary data center provides a safe, climate-controlled environment with access to high bandwidth Internet for hosting mission-critical network equipment and web servers.

Why a Calgary Data Center?

Businesses realize the benefits and needs that come with a high-level Data Center that provides a mission-critical server environment. Colocation is a smart choice for companies.  We offer a cost-effective and enterprise environment with huge savings.

HostedinCanada is a team of professional Data Center Colocation Services provider, conveniently located at in the heart of downtown Calgary’s main business district.


When it comes to power and the internet in our data center, we provide 100% reliability.


In 2013, Calgary was consumed by floods that overtook most of downtown Calgary and the surrounding areas.
During this disaster we are proud to say we never had a moment of downtime. Our engineers and staff kept the facility running the entire time.

We work diligently to make sure that we never experience any power failures by utilizing the following:

  • Integrated battery backup system.
  • Backup diesel generators are on standby and tested regularly.
  • The power, internet, and HVAC are all integrated into our redundant systems.


Daily Data backup
(on or off site)

Depending your needs we offer a variety of back-up options including off site, daily and VPS disk to disk backup.

Dedicated Firewall Solutions (hardware based)

Server security is a must and every client has unique needs. That’s why HostedinCanada offers dedicated and customized hardware based firewall solutions with private custom port configuration.

Hardware swaps, reboots and installs

Looking for a Colocation program that is maintenance free? We offer hands on support including but not limited to hardware swaps, reboots and more.

Server and website Monitoring

Is your server or website up? In the past year, 41% of web servers have had substantial downtime. We offer server and website monitoring services based on 15 minute intervals, 24×7 365 days a year, sending you notification by email, SMS, pager or ICQ.

For more information, please call our toll free number at 1.866.730.2040



We get it, you only need enough room for a couple of servers. BUT, you’re also looking for redundancy, security and an environment you AND your clients can trust. Welcome to!

If you need 1U, 3U, 12U or something in between and you don’t need a private 1/2 or Full Rack, we can help.

Our secure, climate controlled server colocation environment allows our clients to build and scale their on-line business needs as their requirements evolve! Check out the video below for a detailed tour of our data center.

HSE = High Security Environment. All visiting tech’s are escorted.


Looking for a private ½ or full rack to collocate your servers?

It may be surprising to hear, but we get calls from all types of business who currently keep their servers in office closets and back rooms with zero redundancy…and of course the threat of theft. Companies that rely on their servers to do millions of dollars in business, every year. ARE YOU IN THIS DANGEROUS PLACE?

We can provide server colocation solutions that allow your business to grow, and protect your business, all the while providing consistent uptime reliability.

server for web hosting

What would you do if your servers went off line for a couple of days?

To simplify the purchase process of a private rack, we offer packages that bundle the necessary services and environment you need, which include:

A 42U private rack.

24×7 access for YOUR pre-approved and key staff only.

Redundant power.

Redundant Internet in bundled configurations to save you money.



Fire Suppression

Hands on.. and more.


Are you looking for that next level of Data Center Colocation Services with effective quality and control? Our Suites provide organizations a highly private and secure collocation solution to house their ICT (Information Communication Technology) environments.

We offer private suite collocation options at an affordable price with an exceptional environment.

For clients seeking greater privacy, these highly secure collocation environments give you what you need. Private rooms within our Calgary Data Center facilities and can be custom tailored to your exact requirements.

Contact us and we will gladly help customize a private suite that works for you and your business.

suites2 image

Request for Quote

Please let us know if you have any questions. We’ll always available to server you.

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