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Terry Ciotka
4 years ago
My Company has been using Hosted in Canada for 10 years+ now. I am a difficult client as I always have issues and am not very tech savvy. Dean and company have always been there for me day and night and always come through for me. They built me a beautiful website and their tech support is nothing short of fantastic!!! I very highly recommend them for all your needs and I am very very happy with them!
Arlene Walker
6 years ago
This is the third web hosting service I have purchased within the last year. Hosted In Canada is by far the best! Great support and customer service! Very knowledgeable staff. Their C-panel is very robust and has all the features I was looking for. In addition, the email server functions extremely well - flawlessly - and was it was so easy to set up email accounts. The online support documents are comprehensive and very well-written and make for a flawless setup of website and email accounts. I am very happy with Hosted In Canada ! Phenomenal! So glad I found you!
Gary Millard
4 years ago
HostedinCanada has been very helpful in getting our not-for-profit organization's website up and running, and keep it going through technical challenges. The costs are low, which is great for a small volunteer group with limited budget, and Dean keeps an eye on the technical issues so we don't need in-house web expertise. They offer good advice that accounts for our budget and limited technical expertise. This has been consistent over the last two years.
Leola Brooks
4 years ago
Been with Hosted In Canada for about 10 years. They have always been attentive and easy to deal with. They're quick to respond anytime I've had any questions or issues and can be counted on for reliable service. As I mentioned, 10 years is a very good record. Their fees are reasonable and their service is well above the norm.
Daryl Marsden
6 years ago
I have been with HostedinCanada for over 18 years now and they have always been easy to deal with and very attentive to my demands and needs. In the Internet business you need someone you can trust, some one that is there when things go wrong. Dean and Theo have always been there when I need help. They have a much more personal based response and that has tremendous value to me and my firm. I highly recommend them for your hosting and Internet needs.