WordPress Virus & Malware Hacked Removal Service

Has your WordPress website been hacked, has Malware, redirecting visitors to Viagra, pharmaceuticals and blacklisted from Googles search results? Hostedincanada can help you with malware removal to regain control, protect your website, and remove the malware.

Are you Experiencing the Following Issues?

  • Google, Yahoo, Bing have Blacklisted your website
  • Clients are complaining that your website is being flagged by their AntiVirus
  • Your host has disabled your website because of a security issue
  • Google/Bing searches are showing Viagra, Levitra or other pharmaceutical ads on the search results page
  • You are plagued with reinfections
  • You see “This site is Hacked” or “This site may be compromised” on Google search
  • People are complaining that your website is redirecting their mobile devices, notebooks, desktops

30,000 Websites are Hacked Daily

WordPress itself has many updates per year and you need to make sure you have a web-developer that’s on top of the changes and updates. WordPress is still considered a fragile platform for website design. Being the no#1 blogging CMS WordPress.com and WordPress.org offering numerous features and being supported by an open source tech community – the number of WordPress websites online are increasing everyday. The answer is real simple, the website on WordPress uses .PHP, CSS and HTML 5 which makes it highly compatible with Google, Yahoo, Ask and Bing Search engines and afterall, why would someone want a website for? — to get more sales online and WordPress (WP) seems the best solution.

How Our WordPress Malware Removal and Cleanup Works

Unlike some lower-cost alternatives, we don’t just run a quick virus removal script to delete or disable malicious code only to have the hidden hacker files re-infect your site later. Our team of New York based professionals thoroughly examine your site file by file. We find the cause and remove any malware or viruses, and fix any known vulnerabilities on your site.

Then we upgrade your WordPress core files, database, plugins, and themes to the latest stable version. To help keep the hackers from breaking back into your website, we upgrade the security using state-of-the-art technology software and best practices.

If the search engines are blocking your website, we take care of that for you as well. When your website is cleaned of malware and restored, we’ll send you a detailed report.

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