Managed WordPress Hosting Experts Hosted in Canada Send out Urgent Message for Website Owners to Update WordPress

WordPress is well known and loved among website owners for its ability to allow the creation of great looking, easy to navigate websites quickly and effectively.  Unfortunately, like most things online, it also requires an eye to be kept on security concerns.  In that spirit managed WordPress hosting leaders Hosted in Canada recently send out a powerful warning to clients and potential clients, that it’s time to update WordPress now.  If not these website owners are leaving their online presence very vulnerable to attack from hackers which could have very long lasting consequences.  This update can be done on their own, although many smart website owners are choosing to have professional WordPress hosting Canada put in place, like offer, seeing it as a very cost effective way to keep their businesses or other projects safe and secure.

WordPress Security and Patching Home / WordPress Security and Patching
WordPress Security and Patching Home / WordPress Security and Patching

“Security advisories should be treated ‘promptly’, but that doesn’t mean you have to drop everything,” commented Dean Wolf from Hosted in Canada.  “I get that there are competing priorities. But show attention, find someone who can help you update and book a time.  Better yet, hire a company like or to LOCK DOWN and secure your WordPress website, Monitor it, Patch regularly and do custom backups.  Being hacked will cost you time, and what’s your time worth?  Reputation, and what’s that worth?  Finally, it can be 3-4 times more expensive to fix.”

One of the more dangerous recent vulnerabilities discovered in old versions of WordPress is a  significant SQL-Injection hack which can entirely crash websites and keep them down for a significant period of time while repaired. This hack has been discussed thoroughly by security experts with all in agreement with its high threat level and how using a managed website hosting option can be to the advantage of website owners who could otherwise miss these kind of urgent alerts. are proud to be considered not just one of the best WordPress hosting Canada choices, but also for offering quality shared hosting, business hosting, website design and many other diverse and affordable services.  Potential clients are encouraged to get in touch to see how Hosted in Canada can best meet their individual needs.

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