G Suite Welcome Center – Canadian Authorized Partner

G Suite Welcome Center – Canadian Authorized Partner

G Suite Welcome Center for Canadians

The G Suite Welcome Center offers resources and a roadmap for users to get to know G Suite. This Center contains details on the Learning Center, help guides for each app, switching guides, new Sheets Coursera course, and more.

G Suite is Google’s suite of intelligent apps. Have you heard about Google Apps? Yes! G Suite is the rebranded name of Google Apps. Google rebranded its Google Apps into G suite in late 2016. G Suite is recommended for clients that require email hosting for their business. G Suite Signup Canada

However, as it is mentioned above, G Suite is much more than just email. It also includes a variety of apps and features like Google docs, Google Calendar, Google Drive, etc. which can come handy in business.

Checklist for new users

G Suite guides with step-by-step instructions for new users, which includes set-up itinerary. Here’s how it goes:

  1. Day 1- Setting up an internet browser, email, and calendar

It includes instructions on how to set up Chrome Browser, Gmail Inbox, and Google Calendar.

  1. Week 1- Customize your workspace

It includes a guide to adding G Suite on your mobile device, customizing your calendar work, and customizing your Gmail workspace.

  1. Week 2- Have effective meetings and communications

It includes the guide to communicating with people outside of meetings, creating and customizing calendar events, and having productive meetings.

  1. Week 4- Run efficient projects

It includes instructions on how to manage a to-do list, become a spreadsheet master, and Give impactful, interactive presentations.

  1. Week 5- Increase your productivity

It includes instructions on how to improve productivity in your inbox, work faster in Docs editors, and add extra features to G Suite.

Learning G Suite by Products

Confused about G Suite products or Google Apps? With G Suite’s products guide, you can learn how to incorporate these products into your business.

  1. Calendar – G Suite Calendar lets you keep track of important events in your routine, share your schedule with teammates, and create multiple calendars. In this guide, you can learn how to migrate old calendar events, basics, cheat sheets, productivity guides, and tips.
  2. Cloud Search – Cloud Search lets you find content across many platforms like Google products, contact details, schedule-based recommendations, and more. Learn Cloud Search basics, Cheatsheets, Productivity guides, and Tips.
  3. Contacts – G Suite Contacts lets you organize, review, and merge your contacts under one platform. You can learn Contacts basics and Productivity guides under this section.
  4. Docs – Docs lets you create project proposals, script reports, keep track of meeting notes, and more. Learn Docs basics, Cheatsheets, Templates, and Productivity guides under this section.
  5. Drive – G Suite Drive lets you store all your work in one place, view different file formats without buying extra software, and access your files from any device. This section lets you learn Drive’s basics, Cheatsheets, and Productivity guides.
  6. Sheets – Sheets lets you create project plans, handle task lists, and analyze data with charts and filters, and more.

Guides for Switching from Microsoft

This guide explains to you how to use Google products for your business. https://support.google.com/a/answer/180898?hl=en

Learn by job task

This section includes learning G Suite by your business industry, job role, and productivity and collaboration ideas. https://support.google.com/a/users/?hl=en#topic=9296556

Summing Up

Overall, G Suite makes it easy to create and communicate with your team under one roof. As you get started with the new work account, learn how G Suite has helped millions of business users of all sizes and niche to work faster, smarter, and more collaboratively.

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Daryl Marsden
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Jonathan MacDonald
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I have been using hosted in Canada 4 over 5 years and I have always received professional and prompt service from the hosted in Canada team. I certainly get more value for my dollar and have never had a negative experience. Professional prompt and courteous.
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Dale Seidlitz
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Hosted inCanada has been my provider for many years. The service has been great! When the occasional issue occurs, they are quick to fix it and you can always contact a real person to discuss any questions; that is very helpful as my IT skills are very limited! I recommend them without reservation.
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Terry Ciotka
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My Company has been using Hosted in Canada for 10 years+ now. I am a difficult client as I always have issues and am not very tech savvy. Dean and company have always been there for me day and night and always come through for me. They built me a beautiful website and their tech support is nothing short of fantastic!!! I very highly recommend them for all your needs and I am very very happy with them!
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Richard Dasilva
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I have been a customer of Hosted in Canada for only 1 year, but in that short space of time have only good things to say about this company. Professional and reliable customer service, quick response to support calls; basically a no hassle relationship.This company is top drawer, I highly recommend them.Richard Da SilvaOntario, Canada
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